Operator   ตัวอย่างการใช้งาน   รูปแบบผลของการสืบค้น 

AND internet AND programming   internet and programming in the same article.
OR internet OR programming   internet or programming, or both, anywhere in the entire article.
NOT internet AND NOT programming    internet but not programming.
NEAR internet NEAR/3 programming   internet occurs within 3 words near programming.
ADJ internet ADJ programming   programming appears immediately after internet.
W/n internet W/3 programming   programming occurs within 3 words after internet.
? int??net   matches internet, intranet...
* inter*   matches inter, internet, international...
+ program+   matches program, programmed, programming, programmer...
# program#   matches program, but not programmed, programming, programmer...

ADJ is a default Query Operator.
For example: internet programming would be the same as internet ADJ programming
  • Query-Time Stemming is turned off. Use + to force a search for all variants of a query term.
    For example: program would be the same as program#.


    AUTHOR  Author(s)  (Srirat Rastapana):AUTHOR 
    TITLE  Document Title  (AEC 2015 and Its Change Impact):TITLE 
    SUBJECT  Subject Terms  (ASEAN):SUBJECT 
    CATEGORY  Categories Title  (Department of Trade Negotiations):CATEGORY 
    ABSTRACT  Abstract  (AEC Breakthrough):ABSTRACT